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Big Idea Project

Instead of sermon series', we will be coordinating our sermons with the daily reading schedule. Each sermon will feature a text from the previous week's reading. download the reading schedule here.

What do a shiny gold box, a cart, and a cow have in common? Easter, of course!

David and Solomon got distracted by the idea of a beautiful temple.  SPOILER ALERT: That's not what God cares about.

Heroes like David aren't superhuman.  How did he overcome a 9 foot 7 inch challenge?

The tragic event of Jephthah's daughter teaches us the effect that words have on other people (P.S. - she probably didn't die)

Like us, Joshua's reputation was determined by how he responded in a few specific events. Step in.

Moses' farewell addess emphasizes the importance of passing on our faith and gives some ractical memory tools.

The Nazarite vow introduces the idea of going above and beyond for God.  We do not concern ourselves with the 'minimum requirements'.

4 feasts connected with the Passover celebrated God's providence from Egypt to Canaan, and illustrate His continued hand in our lives.

5 different offering teach us the price of sin and what God wants from us.

Moses' brief composing career includes some interesting characteristics of God as He begins to define himself to His people.

Isaac, Rebekah, and Jacob could have saved themselves some pain if they accepted God's message as He gave it and put it into practice. 

The first of our big ideas. Trust the message of God.  If we can't trust the first page of the bible can we trust anything else?

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