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Instead of sermon series', we will be coordinating our sermons with the daily reading schedule. Each sermon will feature a text from the previous week's reading. download the reading schedule here.

Sermon Archive

Chrismas Presence - 12/3-12/24

The interactions of Christ's infancy show us His desire to share Himself with us.

Plan of Salvation -11/5 - 11/26

We are looking at the different parts of the plan of salvation and asking the question, 'Why does God ask us to do this?'

4 chairs of Christ -10/8 -10/29

Jesus filled many roles. This series is a survey of four important seats Jesus sits in. 

Lord teach us to pray - 8/20 - 10/1

When Jesus gave the Lord's prayer, what was he really trying to get across to his disciples? Not a magic formula, but an outline.  Here are seven ways to draw closer to our Creator.

Kingdom in a #culture - 7/30-8/13

The church has always struggled with the culture around it. What challenges do we face in this modern time?  We will look at some of the spiritual benefits and dangers of living in the technology age.

Guest speaker

Brian Leverett 

Wrestling with God - 7/23

Universal abilities  - 6/18 - 7/9

We know that God has made us individuals with a unique set of characteristics and skills. This series concentrates on four abilities we all can develop to make our faith stronger and benefit others.

What if ...?  5/21 - 6/11

It is natural to doubt your faith when the majority tells you you're wrong.  We investigate 4 commonly challenged beliefs, and consider what it would mean if we were wrong.

What does perfect look like?  4/23 - 5/14

'No one's perfect', right? So why did Jesus tell us to be perfect? Join us for a series exploring what Jesus did (and didn't) mean.

The great contest 3/25-4/16

Two enemies, locked in an epic battle between good and evil for eternity... Sound familiar? We are looking at the attempt of Satan to overthrow God throughout history.

Impressing God  3/4-3/18

A series investigating three men who impressed God. What was it about Abraham, Jacob, and Job that grabbed God's attention?

We Are...2/4-2/26

Exploring four of the word pictures of the church that teach us our attitudes and behavior towards God, ourselves, each other, and the lost.

I AM...  1/7-1/28

We can never truly grasp God, but we can let Him define Himself. This series investigates four core identities of God, and how they relate to us. 

The Exodus: called out  11/13/16-1/1/17

Perhaps the second greatest event in history teaches us six things we need to leave in order to become the people God wants as His own.