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These are the requests and announcements from the week Sunday, Sept. 26

Prayer Requests
Prayer Requests

Jim Rohde, Margie Gier's brother, has a collapsed lung

Charlie Seever contineus treatment for prostate cancer.

Jim Hammerling, Alice Birch's brother has stage 3 colon cancer.

Bobby Humphrey, Kathy Gray's brother, has bone marrow cancer.

John Gier continues his treatment for cancer.

Brad Burback, friends of the Petersons, is being treated for Stage 4 lymphoma.

Courtney Prawucki, Kenzie McNutt's friend, has MS

Sarah Borges' mother has breast cancer.

Jeff Weatherly suffers a number of health issues and is still anticipating a return to services.

Kelly Hetherington, friend of the Giannetti's is undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia.

Judy Anderson, friend of Waynetta Mosser is struggling with a number of health issues.