Church of Christ

Listen to the podcast of our Sunday Class on Christian evidences. Topics will include the Existence of God, the Death and Resurrection of Christ, the inspiration of Scripture, and more.  Group participation of the class may be inaudible.

Proof of God

Part one - Introduction and three logical proofs for the existence of 'God'.

Part two - Design of the universe demands a Creator.

Part three - Creation not only requires the existence of God, but also reveals a number of things about his character.

Part four - History of ancient peoples provides bread crumbs back to mankind's original belief in the true God.

Who is Jesus?  Part one eliminates the possibility that he is either a legend or simply a likeable man.

Who is Jesus?  Part two eliminates the possibility that He is either a Lunatic, Learned, or a Liar. The only option that remains is that Jesus is just who He said he was - Lord

In  part three, we begin examining the evidence for Christ's resurrection,  first we must eaxamine whether or not he died, or merely fainted on the cross, to be revived later.

In  part four we look at some of the common theories used to explain an empty tomb and expose the major flaws of each one.

In part five we look at the most convincing evidence for the resurrection. The dramatic changes in the lives of believers and skeptics alike.