2020 Vision

We begin the year with a series of sermons exploring how we look at our connection to the world. Sermons will be listed with the most recent at the top.

links to an archive of our older sermons are also available at the bottom of this page.

Daniel 5:29-6:28 - Daniel publically maintains both his spiritual and religious integrity, even as an old man.

Daniel 5:1-31 - From age 20 to 90, Daniel has to deal with the rejection of God by several generations. What saw him through it?

Daniel 4:13-37 - What is it about Daniel's interaction with Nebuchadnezzar that allows him to feel compassion for a tyrant?

Daniel 4:1-18 - Daniel's steady determination shows results as Nebuchadnezzar matures in character and demeanor.

Daniel 3:19-30 - Three men knew that the best example they could be came when someone tried to make an example of them.

Daniel 3:1-18 - The triumph of what we know over what we feel puts risk and reward in proper perspective.

Daniel 2:24-49 - In order to offer Nebuchadnezzar the correct view of his kingdom, Daniel had to have the correct perspetive.

Daniel 2:1-23 - We evaluate the basis of our viewpoint by contrasting the Chaldean assumptions with Daniel's observations.

Daniel 1:9-21 - Daniel's first interaction in Babylon lays the foundation for his resistance in later events.

Daniel 1:1-8 - The methods used by the surrounding culture to force us to conform to their identity.

Acts 20:20 provides a proper focus for the mission of the church. The rest of the sermons of this series will be taken from Daniel.

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