2022 Sermons

Visible and Invisible

We begin the year with several series devoted to our outward faith, before concluding with the internal development of our spirituality.

Catch '22

Most Christians and churches have a stated goal to reach the lost and have an impact in the world around them. There are movements in the current religious and secular climate that seem appealing, but ultimately are counterproductive to that goal.

Peter learns several vital lessons about being a part of Christ's ministry. Being 'all in' means turning our preferences over to God for approval.

Jesus begins his ministry by being tempted to take the easy way to success. His response is to model self-denial in favor of building the church the right way.

The Jewish leaders use three wedges to try to separate Jesus from those he seeks to save, which will endanger his ministry if he compromises.

In order to be perceived as 'on the right side, it is tempting to sacrifice doctrinal purity.


Every time we turn around, there are some new words that invades our vocabulary. These may be necessary, but many simply use this because they feel that intelligent people are expected to. So many of these words present recycled ideas, most of which have common words already in use.  We look at how these "new" concepts were pioneered so long ago in the beginning of the church.

January 30

Jesus is really the first to entirely upset the way things are done.

February 6

Jesus' methods prove to be more reliable than our inventions.

February 13

It is a priority of Jesus to get the most out of us as He can.

February 20

The group is designed do present a uniform Christianity to the world.

February 27

The church has always been information based, but the question is, what information?

Taking a Stand

Being public about our faith requires courage. This series looks at several events of David's life to look at what made him a man of courage. What can we observe from his life that applies to the intimidation of sharing our belief in God with those who may not be receptive?

March 6

The Psalms open with a description of the mindset that we need to stand in a world opposed to God.

March 13

David's worst moment becomes an opportunity for him to show his geatest courage.

March 20

Part one of our look at David's most famous moment teaches us how to overcome natural fears.

March 27

Our conclusion of the Goliath story reveals How the source of David's passion propelled him to victory.

Black Letter Edition

For a century, bibles have been printed to highlight what Jesus said. Certainly, His message has changed the world, but how would we be affected by Jesus if we turned the volume off?  This series will focus on the things that Jesus did that made his ministry so impactful.

April 3

The first takeaway of Jesus ministry: no matter what the circumstance Jesus left it better than he found it.

April 10

To go 'out of your way', means fighting the urge to avoid the law of diminishing returns.

April 17

People will only be impacted by a ministry that breaks from expectations in a meaningful way.

April 24

The real meaning of ministy is not so glamorous, but it is making ourselves useful to those around us.

May 1

Often, dramatic influences can be found in doing simple physical things for people.

May 8

Addressing two major needs, which are largely unmet in our society, will impress those who benefit from it.

May 15

An important part of ministry is recognizing what can be rescued and what can't and ability to address both.

May 22

If we are going to affect society, we are going to have to join them in their world and let them into ours.

May 29

Churches are striving to make themselves "relevant", but Jesus determined to be the incluencer.

June 5

Mavericks quickly lose their charm and develop a reputation for being disrespectful.

June 12

Our actions send messages that confirm or hinder our verbal communication.

June 19

It is popular today to minimize expectations, but Jesus emphasized a high standard.

Spirit elements

As we begin the second half of our year, focusing on spirituality, we establish four basic characteristics of the Holy Spirit. From these we will be able to identify the influences of the Holy Spirit in our internal walk with Christ.

July 3

The introduction to spirituality begins with a look at the primary identity and function of the Holy Spirit.

July 10

The identity of the Holy Spirit as a thinking being implies that spirituality begins with understanding of truth.

July 17

The most difficult principle to accept is that the tangible is not as real as what is spiritual.

July 24

A key to understanding the Spirits's influence is determine which way He is present with us.

July 31

A view of spirituality in a review of our participation in a literacy program in Arkansas, looking ahead to 2024.

Spiritual postures

Jesus begins his ministry addressing the types of people he wants to build his kingdom with; It is not those who have the assets of wealth and power, but rather those who are willing to maintain the proper position towards God and man.

Aug 14

The marginalized and impoverished of society hear Jesus opening appeal to them: "You are blessed".

Aug 21

Certainly, the sad aren't 'happy'. Instead Jesus gives a prescription for healing that our society disdains.

Aug 28

Wrong understandings of an old word can misidentify a character trait that God needs in His kingdom.

Sept 4

Genuine satisfaction can only be had if the object of our desire has real value.

Sept 11

The idea of 'mercy' has assumed an entirely theological definition, but originally it was a much simpler idea.

Sept 18

Society offers many ideas that can be mixed with our Christianity, resulting in a ruined recipe.

Sept 25

Looking for peace is the precise reason so few people in our world have it.

Oct 3

Suffering can yield God's favor, but only if it happens for the right reasons.

Spiritual Weapons

A (somewhat) unconventional look at four instruments that are vital to success in our opposition to the darkness of the world around us.

Oct 9

Paul utilized the imagery of the Gladius to teach three elements of the gospel.

Oct 16

While many turn God's name into a 'vain' repetition, knowing how to use it will prove to be crucial.

Oct 23

Perhaps not exactly a weapon, yet mental preparedness determines the victor in most battles.

Oct 30

Two types of Testimony are indispensable in achieving an eventual victory over Satan and his surrogates.

Invisible attributes

Like God, our character is revealed through visible evidences. This series looks at the display of four Christian qualities.

Nov 6

Exploring the ways that weaknesses can naturally develop in the character of well-meaning people.

Nov 13

Voluntary submission to Christ's authority is visible through the different lines of authority he established.

Nov 20

Masking deficiencies is a natural behavior of most people. Here's how it occurs.

Nov 27

How does our awe for God erode? Proper reverence displays in two main ways..

Noun or Verb

Three important Christian attributes can be a concept or an action. A look at faith, hope, and love

Dec 4

The greatest quality is the most significant and the longest lasting

Dec 11

Though English doesn't work this way, this quality is also an action

Dec 18

We have many hopes, but one is the reason that all of the others exist.