Like Christ, we face a religious world with centuries of accepted traditions. A successful church is one that can peel back these layers, leaving only purity of faith and worship.

Getting closer to God cannot happen until we understand accurately what He has revealed about Himself and His plan for us. We look at topics like the nature of God and man, sin, the work of Christ, and afterlife.

A look at the prophetic portions of the book which bring important messages of warning and hope concerning historical events which affect the church. (Ch. 2,3 are part of a sermon series found here

If you are bothered by questions like "Why me?" or "Why do bad things happen to good people?", then this series in Job is what you need.

Our series on evidences. A wealth of information establishing the Truth of God, Christ, the bible, and an additional mini-series on how to study the bible.

A look at the many wedges that Satan tries to drive between people, hoping to rip apart churches, and what we can do to avoid these pitfalls.

Our current series focuses on getting Christians past the religious stage of faith and deeper into their spiritual life by transforming their mindset.

A look at the changes God wants to see in us. Our apologies as the first several lessons weren't recorded.