Church of Christ

Introduction: the 3 major viewpoints of revelation and why we take the viewpoint that we have chosen.

Perhaps the most important section of Revelation is chapters 4 and 5, which directs our attention where it should be.

The first four seals reveal 4 stages of war and their effect on the decline of an empire , yet the church remained a constant.

Time waits for the final group of martyrs to suffer as God sends a power to end the influence of paganism.

a moment of silence for two groups of martyrs, the 144,000 and an innumerable crowd who are the dead of a 'Great Tribulation'.

The first four trumpets sink the western world into darkness as God punishes the powers of tyranny.

God uses two groups of people to end a nation that has promoted idolatry in Christ's name.

A great invention leads to a spiritual awakening, but not everyone is excited.

Two witnesses suffer greatly, but their triumph results in a worldwide renewal.

The church is forced to live under duress, but survives the Dragon's assault.

Two powers are a proxy for Satan's deception and intimidation of the church.  We are given a mathematical clue to identify them.

A warning and encouragement for those who get swept up by a power that changes true doctrine and persecutes Christians

God begins a detailed breakdown of the final era of a persecuting power as their bills come due.

The world's landscape changes as God's wrath is poured out. Opportunities to repent continue to be ignored.

The greatest departure from pure religion spawns numerous other deviations from truth.

God's patience runs out and history's greatest theological error is overturned .

Today's fiction over-dramatizes the millenial reign of Christ, which has a relevantfs, but simple, explanation.