About us

The church of Christ is, above all, a family of believers.  Our amazing God has brought us together from all backgrounds, cultures and experiences and has fit us together to be a place of spiritual nurture and security. We try to make our congregation a place where people feel welcome to come as they are, without fear of judgment. Our goal is to bring people closer to Christ, whether they are long time members or first time visitors.  We are a group of imperfect people, who realize our need for God's grace, as well as our need for each other. We invite you to be a part of this special home.

A Brief History

     In the early 1800's, a growing number of people were becoming dissatisfied with the direction of their churches.  Denominations were divided and they focused on their man-made lists of doctrines.  Several men tried to change this system, but when they couldn't, they felt that they had to leave their churches and start a new movement, where churches would have no official creeds, and people would be free to search the bible for themselves and come to their own conclusions.


    These believers desired to remove all human traditions, and return to the simple expression of faith as they saw in the bible, and so, at first, they resisted any name, referring to themselves as 'Christians only'. Eventually, they settled on several names that referred to Christ, and were known as 'disciples of Christ', 'church of Christ', and the 'Christian Church' . The Waukesha Church of Christ is one of many such congregations that spread through Wisconsin in the mid 1900's.

What to Expect

    Our assembly is fairly simple. We offer various classes for children and adults, specific to their age group, in order to focus on enriching a relationship with Christ. Our worship style is simple, choosing to worship without instruments, blending traditional hymns with modern praise songs.  Our sermons are designed, not just to teach facts from the scripture, but to ensure that each person leaves our services with a personal challenge to become closer to Christ in some way.


   A unique aspect is our time of Communion, sometimes referred to as the Lord's supper.  This is the centerpiece of our worship together, as it was in the beginning of the church's history. It is the time where we remember Christ's sacrifice for us and celebrate His resurrection.

The Gospel

   We understand that man was created innocent, and that every person comes into this world with a clean slate, and the freedom to choose his or her own path. Unfortunately, in the course of time, we all choose to do something that violates God's principles. Once we are in this condition, there is nothing that we can do to work our way out of it, which is where God's grace finds us. The Son of God came in the body of a man, in order to save us; He died in order to take the punishment for sin that we deserved.  Having payed the penalty and then risen from the dead, Christ offers a way back to God to anyone who will respond, no matter what they have done.


    The response is fairly simple.  God requires us to have faith in Him;  not just a belief that He exists, but also a trust that he is willing to reward us.  In addition to this, God asks us to acknowledge this belief in front of others, to show that we are not embarrassed about our belief in God.  One of the main parts of the plan to save man is repentance, which is a combination of being sorry for having done what hurts God,  and deciding that we are going to live differently in the future.  The only thing that remains is baptism.  One of the last things that Jesus told his disciples before He returned to heaven was to teach and to baptize.  Baptism is a re-enactment of what Jesus did for us:  Christ died and was placed in a tomb and later came back to life, and when we are immersed under water, it is like we are buried with Christ, and we come back up a new person, with our sins washed away. 


    If you have questions about our beliefs, we are always available to share our faith.

Our Logo

      "This is He who came by water and blood - Jesus Christ; not water alone, but water and the blood, and the Spirit is the one who testifies, because the Spirit is truth. So there are three who testify: the water, the Spirit, and the blood and these three agree as one."

- 1 Jn 5:6-8

      Their agreement is in their identification of a person as a new creation: It is the blood of Christ that washes our sin away when we are baptized, which is the moment when the Spirit is given to us bring us daily closer to God.