Church of Christ

Col 2:16-23 looks at the motives people have for compelling us to conform to their ideals.

Col 3:1-9 Before God can turn us into what he wants us to be he has to start by getting rid of old things.

Col 3:10 The beginning of a new identity. We look at the strange idea of "a new self"

Col 3:11,12 Now that our identity is changing we begin to put on new things.

Col 3:12-15 We cannot achieve our new self with new behaviors unless we first change the attitudes that govern us.

Col 3:16,17 - Paul challenges some of out traditional views on worship.

Col 3:18-4:1 - Paul outlines the new guidelines which should govern our homes and relationships

Col 4:7-18 Even in a list of names, we find important information and encouragement