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Dinner With the Master

Nothing is so common as a meal, yet we overlook the times Jesus ate. Fortunately Jesus didn't and used these valuable moments to give life changing lessons.

A woman with a poor reputation is accepted by Jesus, and the crowd goes wild (but not for the right reasons)

Two similar men with very different dinner arrangements both learn that self worth is not derived from past behavior.

A woman with a lot on her mind learns that there is something more important to think about.

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Throughout time, people have tried to get rid of the evidence of their failures by eliminating those who dare to speak the truth. Rarely does this work, as we see with four examples.

Two men have the audacity to envision a bright future. Unfortunately, the unknown is often too risky.

Wouldn't you like to hear from someone who passed away? These men didn't, so what did they do about it?

The dread of Jesus compels them to kill the One who raises the dead, but their process reveals the depth of their panic.

From the beginning of time blood has been an unstoppable testimony in the pursuit of truth.  (Guest speaker Cam Giannetti).

Letters to 7 Lights

Christ speaks to seven churches about how they must maintain their light in the world.  As the world around us again goes through a period of darkness, these lessons prove indispensable for any church which hopes to survive.

Before Christ can maintain the light of these seven churches he must remind them Who the source of light is.

A church with many advantages can still be undone by failing to cultivate this most important source of light.

Excellent examples within a church can keep its light bright even when the darkness attempts to smother it.

A church in an evil city struggled to shine and eventually found themselves participating in the worst society had to offer.

Even an active church can lose their distinct reputation by neglecting to weed out the negative influences within.

A church that decides to rest on a good reputation will not fool anyone for that long. Things must be done to completion.

God can use a church with not much going for it other than faithfulness.

A church with a sense of urgency is what the world craves, yet our light is dimmed when we crave what the world offers.

Great Expectation

Three messages aimed at raising our expectation of God.  While this may sound disrespectful, the reality is that humans are hard-wired to avoid disappointment. In order to avoid that feeling, we often lower our expectations, which is truly disrespectful of an Almighty Creator.

The first step to increasing our faith in God is to develop the skill of asking for impossible things.

Self-preservation is an instinct that provides us with emotional security blanket that we use to get ready for defeat.

How do I avoid disappointment with God when He doesn't give me what I ask for?

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