2024 Sermons


We are reading chronologically through the bible with a view to the church's purpose in the world.

Jan 7

To know where we are and where we're going we must first know our point of origin.

Jan 14

Favoritism always does long term damage. Our world still reels from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Jan 21

Home with God is an identity that will lead to a lost mission if we abandon it.

Jan 28

Job's friends cause damage when they forgot the greatest skill that they arrived with.

Feb 4

God has to remove us from where we are to get us where he wants us to be.

Feb 11

Permanent faith requires a mindset challenging to the emancipated mind: voluntary servitude.

Feb 18

Our ability to maintain good motives will be what portrays Christianity accurately to those around us.

Feb 25

God's offer of rest and reset should be met with excitement but we are often too smart for that.

MAr 3

Moses showed two hearts that made him the man he was. The apostle Andrew showed a similar passion.

Mar 10

Too much time can be spent in the safety of God's shadow. Mission required vulnerability.